Top 5 Stylish Kenyan Ladies in 2020

2020 is the year that we are improving our style no matter what. This year, we are no longer wearing questionable things and calling it style. With that in mind, I would want to state that identifying one’s style is a personal journey. It may actually take you years to finally know what your preference and style is but once you do it, you will be able to fully express yourself through fashion and style.
I am glad that some really gorgeous ladies have used online platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to express their style. You realize that you can be anything on these online streets. The fact that they chose to not only express themselves via style but also show us how to put certain pieces together gives me unending love and respect for them. The 5 Kenyan ladies that I find stylish at the moment are:

1. Ya7ska

I am proud to say that I have been following her journey on Instagram and YouTube for a little over a year now. What I love most about her is the fact that she does what most people in her community would not be comfortable doing, which is showing their lives on public.
Yasmin is a 25-year old Kenyan hijabi who is a modest fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator. The beauty completed a course in Coding and Tech about a year ago, and she has been serving us style content that is unprecedented. I really do admire her and I cannot wait to see her progress in life. She really is a style icon.

2. Wanjiru Njiru

I have actually met Wanjiru and Ben twice in person. The lady is even more stylish in real life, and I am always waiting for her YouTube videos. It is honestly therapeutic to watch her grow and be better at what she does best.

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3. Hali Oduor

This 22 year old travel baddie keeps feeding our eyes with melanin goddess vibes, and I am here for it. I just want to know what the sun that she uses is called so I get to buy some of it. Hehe.

4. Sharon Mundia

My friend Shiku introduced me to her content about 6 years ago. Those were the days when Facebook was still the thing. 6 years later, she is stylish as ever and looks 23. I also love that she uses her platform to educate women about the importance of financial independence. Also, I cannot wait for her next YouTube video to drop. You know that is where I camp, right?

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5. Keillah Okari

Keillah is pretty much younger than me but she serves style looks like no one’s business. She is an image consultant, a style creative at, a writer at Sunday Nation and owner of Yane Girl and Yane Plus. She is also one woman who is a writer that is on the forefront on all matters feminism and women empowerment. I suggest you check her out on Instagram.
PS; This list is obviously not exhaustive. There are many other amazing stylish Kenyan women that exist. Let me know of other women I left out on this list.
Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a futuristic, wellness- nichéd Content Creator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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