Throw pillow styling tips: How best to style your space using throw pillows

Throw pillows have slowly but surely found their way to most spaces, making it a staple when it comes to décor styling. These days, you will not only find them at homes but also in offices, hotels, businesses and lounges. What I love most about them is how they exude comfort and relaxation in the space they are in.
Despite being widely used, it is almost clear that most people do not know how to style these adorable pieces. Does my space look cluttered? Is the color coordination just right? What about the texture? If you are having a hard time picking up and styling your throw pillows, below are 4 tips that will definitely come in handy:

1. Look out for texture

Source; @classicallydun on Instagram

Before buying a throw pillow, take time to find out its texture and that of the place you want to decorate it with. For instance, if the sofa you want to decorate is too smooth, you can decide to pick out pillows that are furry. The contrast in the textures will help both the pillow and the sofa to stand out without necessarily competing for attention.

2. Look out for sizes

Throw pillows come in very many different sizes. Be keen on ensuring that your throw pillow is not too small or too large for your space, otherwise it will look off. Mixing different sizes will work just fine.

3. Mix and Match

When you are working on a plain background, in order to bring life into your space, go for throws that have a pop of color. Pick out different aspects of the space such as the curtains, wall and carpet and let these guide you in picking the right shades. Mix and match patterns and textures, where you consider ones that are striped, printed, worded as well as plain ones. The contrast is what makes the space to stand out.

4. Layer them

Source; @brookswood.home on Instagram

My favorite thing about pillows is being presented with the ability and choice to layer it. Do not overdo it though since it will look so jumbled. The tips listed above come in handy here for you to achieve a smooth yet unparalleled look.
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