Styling a rug like a pro- Tips that you should consider

With modernism, everyone is trying to make the best out of their spaces. With that, rugs have definitely become iconic with how they exude functionality and aesthetic if placed right. However, with so many designs and information being presented to us, it may be confusing to know where to start.
Gone are days when people would buy rugs and throw them on their floors just for the sake of it. These days, people are looking for more than just a piece of cloth to dust off legs and keep them warm. Now, rugs are used to complete the aesthetic look and feel of a home as well as bringing life into the space in addition to the traditional purposes. If you are looking to improve your space using a rug, here are tips that you should consider:

What is your aesthetic?

How do you want your room to come together? What mood do you want your space to have once someone steps in? This is the time for you to consider the color of the walls, color and texture of your furniture and above all, the general outlook that you want to achieve. If you are going for a boho look, you can go for a yellow rug that has texture in it. Be keen to ensure that the seats are of earthy shades so as to not have a visually noisy ending. If you want a clean look with a subtle hint of color, go for neutrals that have very subtle patterns on them.

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Look out for texture

When the room is quite blunt, it is advisable that you pick out a carpet that has some texture in it. Having a plain all-round look can look dull even when there is color and knick-knacks.

Go for anti-slip rugs

There is nothing more unappealing than having a rug that moves when you step on it. It not only makes you uncomfortable but makes it avoidable since no one wants to get knowingly into an accident. Do not mind parting with that extra cash long as you end up accident-free in your own home.

Sizes and shapes

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These days, people mustn’t buy area rugs in squares and rectangles. To create contrast, you can buy them in other shapes such as oval and circle. The main tip here is to ensure that if you are styling it for the entire room, ensure that it extends under the furniture to prevent it from looking too small for the space. If you want to use it as a centerpiece for your living room, ensure that it is not too small or too big for it.

Practicality over appearance

It will be impractical of you to get a bright white rug when you have toddlers who tend to spill things on your floor. Also, since the living room is the most frequented area of most homes, it is important that you ensure that the rug used here is of great quality; one that is easy to clean and can withstand wear and tear. Delicate rugs can be used in bedrooms.
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