Minimalism vs Maximalism: Which is which?

A friend of mine asked me to write an article where I get to cover the difference between minimalism and maximalism. These are usually depicted by the way people choose to either live their lives or let their surrounding speak for themselves.

The difference between Minimalism and Maximalism:

Minimalism is the choice of finding satisfaction in simplicity; hence the term ‘less is more’. On the other hand, maximalism is the opposite of minimalism, meaning that here, people go over and above to ensure that more is done. These practices are used in areas such as design, planning, style and fashion, décor as well as business. They have become the order of the day in most aspects of life.

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Have you ever walked into a room and you can tell that it is almost empty yet it seems to somehow have everything that is needed there? The walls and the general theme is neutral, clean, crisp, artistic and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. If you could not already tell, I am talking about a minimalist’s space. You will barely find any clutter in their space because to them, clutter is both visual and mental noise. They love it when their spaces are spacious, functional and with just what they need. If a mirror is in their space and they cannot find why it is there, they will find a way to dispose it even if it was the most expensive thing in the room. Such people are also quick to do an occasional sieve session in their lives to find out that people that should be in their lives and those that should face the door. If I just described you, then you are a minimalist.

Source; @everyday_modern_life on Instagram

A maximalist is the absolute opposite of a minimalist. First of all, if you enter their room, there is visual vibrancy. There are lots of colors and lots of things that will keep your eye busy the entire time. They love collecting and displaying souvenirs. Best believe, you will find extra lounging spaces in their homes. In their wardrobes, they have lots of ‘just because’ outfits, even when they have a pile of the exact outfit in the next wardrobe. Their spaces are filled with lots of boldness and brilliance since they find such ‘noise’ to be very exciting. Such people are more open to more experiences and new people because to them, plenty is thrilling. If you fit in this box, you are a maximalist.

Source; @islandtemple on Instagram

Which one is Better?

It all trickles down to who you are as a person and where you find satisfaction. You go where your soul finds content, meaning, joy and creativity.
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Raisa Ichalut
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