Living below your means during Covid-19: How to stop being in debt month in, month out

Are you tired of draining your bank account before the month is even half way through? You are not alone. With the way the economy is currently set up, most people are currently forced to take seats as they watch bills and other expenses have a run for their money; literally.
Truth is, most people are not ready and willing to admit that they are living way above their earnings. Most people cannot stop whining about how they slept hungry or how it has been months since they last got paid yet things are not getting any better anytime soon. If you want to take the first step towards living below your means, below are 3 helpful tips that I put up for you;

1. Move back home

I know that most people will probably roll their eyes and shake their heads when they see this, but give me a chance to delve deeper. First of all, this is only applicable to those who have a home upcountry. I understand that due to unavoidable circumstances, this is a luxury that not everyone has. Also, ensure that you have a healthy relationship with those that are there, otherwise, you may be in for a rude shock.
Moving back home will ensure that you have no rent to worry about every other month. On top of that, you will have a community of people to cost-share expenses with, making it relatively affordable for you and them as well.
If you cannot move home and rent is a hassle for you, ask a close friend if they could be willing to cohabit with you so that both of you have a win-win situation when it comes to expenses. Living with people can be tricky, so be sure to ascertain the fact that you can live with them.

2. Get into Agribusiness, but with a twist

Since most people are currently consuming but barely producing, it is a good a time as any to get into producing fruits, vegetables and other foods that people in cities and towns are consuming. You can go ahead and find ways that you will be supplying them since people have to eat.

3. Cut down on luxuries

Since no one can tell what the future holds in relation to the virus, it is important to focus on saving more while trying as much as possible to cut down on luxuries. You do not need to go out for foods, drinks, expensive watches, clothes, bags and shoes. As a matter of fact, stepping out will put you at a greater risk of contracting the virus.
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Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a wellness- nichéd Content Curator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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