Influencers turned Womenpreneurs: 5 Kenyan Friends Scaling their Businesses during a Global Pandemic

Women’s friendships can be complicated. Furthermore, when they are influencers on the social media space, the focus is on them. It gets worse when personal businesses and brands are in the picture. We see it all the time with social media influencers, where women tear each other down for numerous reasons. This, however, is not what the power woman group consisting of Nancie Mwai, Julie Muiruri, Sheila Ndinda, Maureen Bandari, and Mandi Sarro exudes.

The trader squad!

Grown, sassy and, all up in their bags!

This (and more) is how I would best describe this gorgeously woven sisterhood. From having online brands that beautifully complement each other to organizing business pop-ups and launches where they show up for each other, this remains to be one dream squad in the Kenyan and international business scope.
A glance at their ever-catchy individual social media pages will assure you one thing: These influencers know what they want out of the digital space. Additionally, they are always shouting out each other’s business. You could be quick to drool over these influencers’ dreamy girl trips and staycations. Yet, what you will never know are the work, money, skills, lessons, and tears that go into building brands that are so personal yet so futuristic concomitantly.
Below is a deeper dive into the masterpieces that each one of the five have created:

NANCIE MWAI: Founder of New Level


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A post shared by Nancie Mwai (@nanciemwai)

Nancie Mwai is the Founder and Creative Director of New Level, a fashion and beauty brand that caters to the stylish and ambitious woman who knows what she wants. True to its word, the shop has dreamyjulie  and one of its kind collections of flowy dresses, waterfalls, bodysuits, pants and coverups. Besides, New Level also stocks accessories such as chunky necklaces, fedoras, belts, and sunglasses. For beauty, Nancie Mwai’s shop, New Level, has the Gold Drip shimmering body oil and the recently launched Send Nudes collection- a 5-shade nude lipstick collection that caters to all the shades of black women.
Before she started designing and producing clothes locally, the 32-year-old mother of one went through a phase where she had to make some tough decisions. This then became the female entrepreneur’s eye-opener and turning point. Nancie Mwai, a veteran fashion blogger, and brand influencer had to quit YouTube to focus on her business.


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This came in after taking a Centonomy Course, a decision that she attributes her today’s success to.
One thing that is clear with Nancie is her branding and digital marketing skills. Her influencer marketing and blogging days have informed the Nancie Mwai brand today. Choosing to keep her private life off the internet has helped bring all the focus to her business.
To shop Nancie Mwai’s products and/or to interact with her content:

New Level website:

New Level Instagram: @shopnewlevel

Shop Location: Marsabit Plaza, Ngong Road, Lower Ground Floor, Shop number L02e.

Nancie Mwai Blog:

Nancie Mwai Instagram: @nanciemwai

Nancie Mwai Twitter: @nanciemwai

YouTube: Nancie Mwai

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JULIET MUIRURI: CEO of Human Hair Centre- Kenya


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A post shared by Julie 👸 (@julie_life_lover)

Juliet Muiruri, commonly known by her alias Julie Life Lover, is the owner and director at Human Hair Centre, a Kenyan hair company that deals in a tasteful selection of 100% unprocessed virgin human hair and hair accessories. Founded seven years ago, the company has since grown to be one of the most sort-after legit human hair wig companies in Kenya and the region.

In addition to Human Hair Centre, Julie the Wig mother has since become a Vendor List consultant. She links clients with genuine, reliable, and affordable factories, suppliers, manufacturers, and shipping companies from China at a fee.
Her social media presence and internet advertising is admirable. Consequentially, she is able to seamlessly apply influencer marketing strategies. The result is more brand visibility, more sales and ultimate brand growth.

Human Hair Centre website:

Shop location: The Greenhouse Mall, Ngong Road

Human Hair Centre Instagram: @humanhaircentre

Human Hair Centre Facebook: Human Hair Centre

Julie Life Lover Instagram: @julie_life_lover

Julie Life Lover Twitter: @julietmuirurig1

MAUREEN BANDARI: Founder of Bandari Beauty


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A post shared by Maureen Bandari (@maureenbandari)

Maureen Bandari is a skincare enthusiast, fashion, and lifestyle content creator. Also, she owns Bandari Beauty, a company that stocks authentic skincare and makeup products from the UK and the USA. Nancie Mwai at one point mentioned that even though she owns the gold drip shimmering body oil, it is Maureen who did the product work. This proves Maureen Bandari to be a skincare enthusiast and a guru too.


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A post shared by Bandari Beauty (@bandaribeauty)

I discovered Maureen Bandari a few years back when Nancie Mwai announced a pop-up shopping experience in Mombasa. Their brands have since grown, with both opening physical retail stores in Nairobi.
Besides Bandari Beauty, the celebrated curvy fashion blogger owns Wine Drop (, a wines accessories company in Kenya.

Bandari Beauty website:

Shop location: Greenhouse mall, First-floor suite 7, Ngong road.

Bandari Beauty Instagram: @bandaribeauty

Maureen Bandari blog:

Maureen Bandari Instagram: @maureenbandari

Maureen Bandari Twitter: @maureenbandari

MANDI SARRO: CEO of Miss Mandi Throwdown


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A post shared by Mandi Sarro (@missmandii)

Miss Mandi is a Kenyan media personality, a creative digital storyteller, and founder of Miss Mandi Throwdown. MMTD is a space that shares top-of-the-game recipes for most foods grown and produced locally. Consequently, Miss Mandi’s YouTube channel and Instagram accounts are filled with content that will leave you drooling. Feel free to buy her merch from her page.

Mandi Sarro quit her job as a presenter at Capital FM’s Hits Not Homework show. Indeed, this happened after she felt that she had outgrown the radio presenting world. Miss Mandi now focuses on nurturing and watering her baby; Miss Mandi Throwdown among other passions and interests.
Talking of other passions and Interests, Miss Mandi was selected as the lead for the YouTube Black ad. In fact, she is the host for the same. A proud moment for her.

Miss Mandi Instagram: @missmandii

Miss Mandi Twitter: @missmandii

Miss Mandi Facebook: Miss Mandi

Miss Mandi YouTube: Mandi Sarro

SHEILA NDINDA: Owner of Spritz Hair Studio


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A post shared by Ndinda (@sheilandinda)

Sheila Ndinda is an award-winning natural hair enthusiast and owner of Spritz Hair Studio. The healthy hair guru expanded her Salon business in the middle of a global pandemic. Also, during the time, she was pregnant with her son, something the public only got to know months after the baby arrived.


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A post shared by Spritz 🌿 (@spritzhairstudio)

Spritz Hair Studio is a Healthy Hair Salon located in Greenhouse Mall, Nairobi. Besides tending to your hair, Spritz also offers services such as nails. The 30-year-old mother of one has come a long way into building a company and business whose impact is felt beyond the borders. Indeed, her dedication to building her brand distinguishes her from other influencers.

Spritz Hair Studio Instagram: @spritzhairstudio

Spritz Hair Studio physical location: Greenhouse Mall, Ground Floor, Ngong road, Nairobi, Kenya.

Sheila Ndinda Instagram: @sheilandinda

Sheila Ndinda Facebook: Sheila Ndinda

YouTube: Sheila Ndinda

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Online marketing with proper brand strategy is something that these influencers have mastered. Additionally, as the social media influencing industry expands, brand visibility strategies heightens. Therefore, if you are looking to hack digital marketing, check out their pages.

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