If having and sticking to your fitness routine was in your 2021’s New Years’ resolution, raise your hand if you are still on track. Actually don’t; Come on, I know you lied. While working out may seem to be fun and trendy, staying consistent, especially with home exercises, is truly an uphill task. When you want to work out, that is when the kids are tagging on your leg or the sofa gets too comfortable.

Home workout tips

Still, nothing beats the feeling of endorphins after breaking a sweat at home. Yes, it can be challenging staying on course with your home exercises but it is totally doable. Anyone who has tried working out to either gain weight, lose weight, tone down, or even do it for mental health purposes is fully aware of these struggles. If you are struggling to stay consistent with home workouts, here are a few tips to keep you on course:

1. Keep your home exercises short and simple

Study shows that it is easier for a person to get into their home exercise when they know that they will only be doing it for a few minutes. My home exercises usually last about 20 minutes and by the end of it, I still have the momentum to carry on. Let no one lie to you that you need hours on end to work out. If done right, short and simple ones, especially those done at home, will give you results.

2. Make a schedule for your home workouts

It is only you that knows what times will be best for you to work out at home. Deciding on what times to exercise will keep you accountable, helping you to have it on your to-do list. I work out at dawn, 5 days a week. Working out in the morning is best for me since I can tick it off my to-do list early enough, ensuring that if anything pops up, my fitness routine will not be interfered with.

3. Set up the home exercise space and fitness gear, if any

Since you are working out from home, I am assuming that you are making do with the space- I mean, it is not a gym. Deciding on which part of your home you will be working out from really makes all the difference. Also, this is a good time if any to start stocking on workout gear such as a yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance bands, and workout apparel. Having these close to you will help keep you on your toes.

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4. Start small, then build it up

I understand that you probably want to lose 40 kilograms but, you cannot do it in one day, even if you want to. Going ham with the home exercises while starting is one of the biggest mistakes that fitness enthusiasts make. When you debut with the difficult exercises, you find yourself with injuries plus you dread the next workout session since the last one left you beat to the core. What has worked for me so far is adding up on time and reps with every new session of home workouts. For instance, if I did 30 sit-ups today, I will purpose to do 35 sit-ups tomorrow and so on. More reps mean more time spent on home exercises and this way, I am able to build it up on a steady gradient.

5. Personalize the home exercises

Home exercises
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The beauty of working out from home is being able to tailor the workouts according to your fitness goals, your equipment as well as your style. With so many fitness ‘gurus’ sharing a lot of videos that promise results without raising a finger, it only makes sense if you pick exercises that match you. At the moment, my favorite home exercises are straight leg kicks, leg raises, sit-ups, planks, flutter kicks, penguin swing, and a seal stretch as my post-workout stretching exercise.

6. Have an accountability partner

A workout accountability partner does not necessarily have to be someone you are working out with. It can be anyone you trust knowing that you plan to be consistent with your home exercises. This can be your neighbor, friend, roommate, or even your social media followers. Such people keep you on your toes, reminding you to work out when you should.

7. Commit seriously

You need to make the conscious decision to show up to your home exercise sessions. However, how many people are cheering on, it is all pointless if the zeal to work out is not coming from within.

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8. Stop looking for excuses

Actually, when you start looking for excuses as to why you cannot work out today, you will find them. If you want to start and build a consistent home exercise practice, then quit finding reasons as to why today will not be a good exercising day. Just do it.

9. Set detailed and realistic fitness goals

Your fitness journey will purely be yours and so will the results. Quit comparing yourself to others because a lot of things come to play when it comes to hitting fitness milestones. Also, remember to be realistic with your goals since you cannot reap what you did not sow. For instance, setting a goal such as losing 2 inches(ca. 5 cm) off your waist every month for 3 months may seem like such an easy goal to most people, yet that is where the drive to stay consistent is. When you start seeing such small changes, the zeal to pull on is heightened. On the flip side, if you intend to lose say, 20 kilograms in one month and end up losing only 5 kilograms, you get discouraged without realizing that you have something to show for the work you put in home exercises.

10. Have fun with your home exercises

The whole point of deciding to work out from home is to have fun and to enjoy the journey. Let your favorite song play in the background as you push harder, reward yourself when you hit those milestones, and live in the moment. Growth and major changes happen when you enjoy the now.


Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a wellness- nichéd Content Curator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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