Eliminating razor bumps and ingrown hairs at home

When people opt to shave, no one is ever prepared for the bumpy discomfort and itch that follows suit. Since the razor bumps and ingrown hairs are often taken personally, people hardly seek help. Look, we have all been down that road and I know how uncomfortable it can get. Time to unbuckle your seatbelt, fellas!

How to get rid of razor bumps at home
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Today, I come bearing good news on how you can not only have a smooth shave but also keep your shaven skin bump-free afterwards- all these at the comfort of your home.
First, let us understand the meaning behind these 2 terms:
Razor bumps are pokey irritations on one’s skin that occurs after one has shaven hair on the area.
Ingrown hairs happen when hair grows into the skin when it should be growing out, leading to lumps on the area. Ingrown hairs sometimes lead to razor bumps.


  • Exfoliate your skin beforehand. If you cannot use a physical exfoliant on the area, a chemical one will do just fine.
  • Ensure that your razor is sharp. This will prevent you from irritating and bruising the area over and over again.
  • Warm up your skin beforehand. This helps soften the skin area that you are about to shave.
  • Moisturize your skin. This is because shaving on dry skin heightens your chance at getting the burns and bumps. Moisturizing with a few drops of your favorite oil or shaving cream ensures that the shaver glides gently on your skin.
  • Don’t press too hard on your skin while shaving.
  • Ensure that you shave in the direction of hair growth. The best way to ascertain this is to brush your hair using your hand, and if the hair smoothens towards the direction of your hand, then you should shave towards that direction. If there is resistance, then that is the wrong side.

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  • Apply a cold compress on the affected skin area. I love to wrap ice cubes in a clean cotton cloth then pressing it on my skin for 5 seconds repeatedly.
  • Moisturize the area by using an aloe vera gel as a topical applicant. Feel free to use coconut oil or tea tree oil in place of the aloe.
  • Tone the area by spraying rose water on the affected area.
  • AVOID ITCHING on the area. Itching hinders progress and makes the situation worse.
  • In cases where there is pus in the area, steaming has been stated to help soften the area and help the pus come out without much tension.
  • Space out your shave days. This prevents you from moving from bad to worse.
  • Be patient with your skin. Do not try to find quick fixes.


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When to see a Doctor/ Dermatologist

If you have tried to follow these home remedies to no avail, you may want to see a doctor or a dermatologist. Your skin is equally precious, so don’t try to DIY a situation that needs professional intervention.

Note: These opinions and tips are wholly mine. I am not a trained dermatologist or hair specialist. Please do your research before running with this information.

Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a wellness- nichéd Content Curator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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