Easy Online Side Hustle Ideas

Starting an easy online side hustle is the simplest way of making passive income. It can help one make extra money, dispose of items and save more. Who does not want to make more money anyway?
Side gigs may look like a lucrative way of making easy money. However, this is not always the case for many, beginners especially. It is for this reason that most people get stuck in low-paying 9-5’s.
Are you looking to quit the struggles that come with one income source? Look no further. Here are 4 easy side hustle ideas for you:

Idea 1: Be a Virtual Assistant

Online side hustle
Source; @thatgirl_shodi on Instagram.

Perfect for anyone looking to do administrative jobs online. Clients outsource them when they either have competing priorities or need skilled personnel. The pay is mostly on an hourly basis, ranging from $3 to $60.
Virtual Assistant tasks include calendar management, emails, customer service, and social media management. Skills like resourcefulness, time management, communication, and organization are key to every VA. Their tools include Hubstaff, Canva, Buffer, Asana, Google Calendar, and Dropbox.
With barely any initial financial investment, this easy side hustle promotes financial freedom. You could be in Kenya working for a client in Australia and vice-versa. With a computer, fast internet, and a few hours to kill, you are set.

Idea 2: Social Media Influencing as a Side Hustle

Online side hustle
Source: @elimwenda on Instagram

You do not need a lot of followers to earn through social media. Brands have come to realize that numbers do not necessarily equate to influence. You can make money as a micro-influencer even with less than 1000 followers.
In affiliate marketing, you need to have influence over your followers. They also need to trust you enough to buy what you are recommending. Be credible and have some personality for you to make more money.
Social media marketing mostly works in two ways: A brand either approaches you to work with them or you can do the initiation. Strive to only work with brands that are aligned with yours.

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Idea 3: Do Paid Online Surveys

Companies conduct online surveys to gauge the users’ opinions on applications and services. Online surveys help developers or owners find gaps and make improvements. Sometimes, a company may want to test a service before it fully launches.
Online surveys pay from $1 per survey to an excess of $350. The following are some companies that offer authentic paid online surveys:
  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Ipsos
  • Branded research
  • InboxDollars
The only downside to this online side hustle is its unreliability. However, signing up with different sites will help solve this. Such online jobs require dynamism, hence stay ahead of the game.

Idea 4: Freelancing as an Online Side Hustle

You can easily monetize the skills and services that you are good at. Some of the highest-paying freelance jobs can be done remotely. Make money online by offering services like graphic designing, freelance writing, and digital marketing.
As a beginner in freelancing, first, identify what skills you can monetize. Then, navigate through online sites where you can find freelance jobs. These online freelance job platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.
Freelancing pays from about $10 per hour. To earn more as a freelancer, have a striking profile. Remember to network and to offer quality services.

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 An online side hustle should be fun, profitable, and easy. This article is here to give you an easy entry into the world of multiple income streams. If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe to our newsletter for similar weekly updates.
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