To the outside world, a hijab may look like a regular piece of cloth covering a Muslim woman’s head. However, its symbolism weighs more than that, going deeper than what your eyes and mine can find. In a recent article done by Allure, 4 different hijabi queens opened up on what the hijab means to them and what they want you to know about their choice to cover since it is more than just a headscarf. You can read the article here.

Kenyan hijabis on social media
Source: @tintseh on Instagram.

The term ‘hijab’ is Arab for ‘barrier’. In Islam, it means ‘to cover’, representing modesty, privacy as well as morality. It can be religious and cultural alike, but the choice and extent to which one goes with it and what it means to them is an individual decision. This explains why we need to stop with the unwarranted questions towards hijabis such as;
  • Do you shower with your hijab on?
  • Does it mean that you are still a virgin?
  • Can I see your hair? What is it like?
  • What will happen if I see your hair?
  • Do you swim with your clothes on?
  • Were you forced by your family members to wear the hijab?
  • Are all Somalis Muslim?
  • Does it mean that you are going to have co-wives?
  • Isn’t it too hot to wear that headscarf thing?
  • Do you know that you would be prettier if you stopped covering up?
To be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Even though it gets more offensive than that, truth is, it does not have to be that way. Today, I am so honored to write about 16 Kenyan hijabi trailblazers that are bold enough to keep on broadening their possibilities through social media:

1. Ameena Abdul Rashid @ameena.abdul


Wearing so many caps in both the digital and physical world, Ameena happens to be such a force to reckon. This 27-year old Kenyan hijabi is the founder of Moderne Modest fashion (a clothing company that specializes in modest fashion), Moderne Studio (a natural light studio space that does photography as well as videography) and Prints KE, a company that customizes mounts and frames for your pictures and prints. Adding onto her entrepreneurial nerve, Ameena Abdul is a content creator who uses her platform to share digital marketing tips, helping small business owners grow their business on Instagram. By the way, she prides herself in being a self-taught entrepreneur.

Instagram: @ameena.abdul

YouTube: Ameena Abdul

2. Fatma Sultan @pilgrimchic

No lie- Fatma is the sweetest hijabi Kenyan content creator that you will ever come across. I discovered her through Sharon Mundia, whom we later came to learn was her sister-in-law to be. After Sharon and Fatma shared the beautiful news to us, we found out that Fatma is married to Sharon’s sibling brother- Jeff Mundia.
A single look at her Instagram account and you are able to tell that Fatma is a natural in this digital creation field. She got me hooked with her YouTube channel. In addition to digital creation, Fatma is an architect as well as a writer. She holds two degrees in the architectural field- Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Architectural Studies, both from the University of Nairobi. I have come across some of her articles in This Is Essential ( and I must admit that I admire her writing.

Instagram: @pilgrimchic

Twitter: @pilgrimchic

Facebook: Pilgrim Chic

YouTube: Pilgrimchic

3. Farah Khaleck @farahkhaleck


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A post shared by Farah Khaleck (@farahkhaleck)

Farah Khaleck is the epitome of finding beauty and positivity in dissonance. She is currently battling Scleroderma, an autoimmune disorder that Farah was diagnosed with about 14 years ago. Instead of sitting back and feeling sorry about her medical condition, Farah has worn her heart on her sleeve, spreading awareness about the incurable disorder. Even though scleroderma is chronic, there are treatments that help the condition to be less severe, improving one’s quality of life. This Kenyan hijabi beauty is currently surviving Scleroderma through an ongoing stem cell treatment.
She is an Ambassador of Scleroderma and Stem Cell Treatment through The Farah Foundation, a body positivity ambassador and Positive Body Image Consultant, a cook (Tash Meals), a writer, a digital marketer, a content creator as well as a Motivational Speaker (Inspire Life is her tag line).

Instagram: @farahkhaleck

Twitter: @FarahKhaleck

Facebook: Farah Khaleck


4. Ibtisam Habib @hijabeefied


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A post shared by Ibtisam Habib (@hijabeefied)

Ibti started her blog back in her campus days as a platform to change the narrative of a Muslim woman by challenging the stereotypes that have been passed down to them by society. She realized that once in campus, some Muslim women would either do away with the hijab or with modest fashion in general in order to avoid standing out. In a virtual interview with Bumped Into Podcast, Ibti opens up on how Hijabeefied came to life, controversy on the topic of hijab, racism in Arab culture as well as how people were pressed by the fact that she was not married yet 30 was knocking. Spoiler alert- she currently is.
Even though Hijabeefied was started mainly for the Muslim woman, the topic discussed and the gems she shares can equally be instrumental to anyone, Muslim or not. I particularly love #ThoseAvoidedTopics and #Unstereotyping since they shed light on a lot of things that we tend to sweep under the carpet.
Apart from being a blogger, sweet Ibti is a Marketing Manager at Unilever’s Sunlight- East Africa as well as the founder of Tajified. She is an ACCA holder from Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies and a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing holder from the University of Nairobi, certifications that tie so well with her work. In addition, Ibtisam also works as a social media brand strategist, helping brands to gain awareness and get to the end consumer.

Instagram: @hijabeefied

Twitter: @hijabeefied


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5. Nasra Yusuff @nasrayusuff


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A post shared by NASRA (@nasrayusuff)

Nasra is a Kenyan award-winning comedian who has been able to move to greater heights, thanks to the gift. Her YouTube channel will not only entertain you but also leave you on the floor while at it. In 2019, she won the Somali Female Comedian of the Year Award. Nasra Yusuff recently got married to her love, Rashid.
Owing to her huge social media following, Nasra has been able to use her platform to do social media influencing to help brands gain traction. This Kenyan hijabi recently worked with Jumia Kenya.

Instagram: @nasrayusuff

YouTube: Nasrashid

6. Yasmin Af @ya7ska


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A post shared by Yasmin Af (@ya7ska)

If you are an oldie on this website, you know that this is not the first time we are mentioning Yasmin. Her name appeared in THIS article as well as in THIS one.
Yasmin is a Kenyan hijabi content curator based in Nairobi. A quick glance at her Instagram account will let you know that she has a bias on beauty, skincare, fashion and lifestyle. Content creation is something she used to do for fun but has slowly become a source of income to her. Having worked with brands such as Revlon, Loreal Pro, Melvins Tea, Mac Cosmetics, Cottars Safari, Segera Retreat, Halal Safaris, Nivea among others, this beauty’s career is definitely on a steady rise.
I particularly love the fact that she is uber organized and pays attention to detail. The quality of her work is unmatched, speaking volumes of how much she invests in her job.
Ya7ska has a background in Coding and Programming from Moringa School. She recently hinted on wanting to go back to university to complete her degree course.

Instagram; @ya7ska

Twitter: @ya7ska

YouTube: Yasmin Af

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7. Nasra Nuralain @nasra_nural_ain_adow

Nasra is an award-winning ex-blogger who won the Fashion Blogger of the Year Award during the 1st edition of the Somali Glamour Awards. Having started a modest fashion-centered blog in 2015, she prides herself in being the first Fashion Hijabi blogger in Kenya.
Currently though, Nasra’s heart is in fashion and fashion designing. The fashionpreneur is the creative director and co-founder of The Nural Ains (@the_nuralains), a based in Kenya fashion hub for the modern Muslim woman. She runs the business together with her sister Benazir.
Nasra has a background in Journalism and Psychology and is looking forward to being an author someday.

Instagram: @nasra_nural_ain_adow

Twitter: @nasra_nural_ain_adow

8. Sabrina Said @sabrina_said_


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A post shared by S A B R I N A (@sabrina_said_)

Sabrina is a talented photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Again, I discovered her through Fatma Sultan’s page where she took such gorgeous pictures of her. She has photographed a variety of women from different walks of life, and they all look stunning.
She also happens to be the founder of Prints by Ess (@printsbyess), a prints company where she sells prints of her images framed in hardcopy.

Instagram: @sabrina_said_


9. Farhana Oberson @farhana_oberson

Farhana is a Kenyan travel, lifestyle and beauty content creator who is currently based in London, United Kingdom. Through her YouTube channel, Farhana has been able to pull a crowd of her fans, whom she christened ‘Rafikis’, Swahili for ‘friends’. Farhana has been to over 23 countries, most of which has been documented by her in her YouTube channel. Some of the countries she has been to include South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Turkey, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Malawi, the United Arab Emirates, Zambia, India, Malaysia, Switzerland and London. She moved from the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya to London, United Kingdom after getting married to Tariq, the love of her life.
This 27 year old Kenyan hijabi holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from Taylor’s University. It was during her uni days in Malaysia that she started her YouTube Channel. What she started off for fun has since grown to having over 136k subscribers, becoming one of her several steady sources of income. Through her Instagram account and YouTube channel, she has been able to work as a digital brand influencer, where she gets paid to connect brands to potential buyers. Some of the brands that she has been able to work with digitally include Salams App,Too Faced and Sigma Beauty.
Sarrabi Modesty is Farhana Oberson’s company that offers instant hijabs and turbans. The company also offers statement summer dresses and Hijab Magnets that are designed to keep your hijab intact all day. Sarrabi is based in both Kenya and the UK, but they do international deliveries.

Instagram: @farhana_oberson

Twitter: @FarhanaOberson

Facebook: Farhana Oberson

YouTube: Farhana Oberson


10. Yasmin Mohamed @_littlenomad

Yasmin is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle digital content creator. One of her passions is travelling, something that you can quickly point out from her Instagram alias. Her images are nothing short of the ones you would come across on a Vogue magazine cover.

Instagram: @_littlenomad


11. Nabilah @queen.nabilah


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A post shared by Nabilah 🕊 (@queen.nabilah)

Queen Nabilah is a travel, fashion and lifestyle digital creator based in Nairobi, Kenya. Throughout her journey, she has been able to work as a social media influencer with several big brands including Safaricom, Clinique, Optica Limited, Omo and Mizani.

Instagram: @queen.nabilah

Twitter: @QueenNabilah1

12. Bilan Kasim @bilankasim


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A post shared by BILAN KASIM (@bilankasim)

Bilan is a digital creator whose bias is in modest fashion. The Kenyan hijabi creative is also a globetrotter who is always on the move, letting her followers discover new picturesque locations and eateries.
She is also a pastry chef, having trained at Le Cordon Bleu London. With the skills acquired, she runs The Sweet Blossom (@the_sweetblossom), a pastry shop based in Nairobi Kenya.

Instagram: @bilankasim

Twitter: @BilanKasim

13. Faiza Hemed @hijabi_villain


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A post shared by Faiza (@hijabi_villain)

Faiza Hemed is a Kenyan online comedian, a social media strategist, a video content creator, a producer, a content marketer as well as an entertainment host. I first discovered her on YouTube when she was working with Mkamburi Chigogo to create content for ZUMI. No lie, she is the reason I was a returning subscriber on the channel. Even after ZUMI folded, I swore to follow her wherever she was going. She currently has her own YouTube Channel where we get to see her light in all its glory.

Instagram: @hijabi_villain

Twitter: @hijabi_villain

YouTube: Faiza Hemed

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14. Najma Ibra @haye_bes


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A post shared by NAJMA (@haye_bes)

Najma is a fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel content creator based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is the founder of HayeBes Beauty, a company that does makeup artistry.

Instragram: @haye_bes

YouTube: The Talk Corner

15. Salma Fuad Abdalla @salma_fuad


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A post shared by Salma Fuad (@salma_fuad)

Salma is a 22-year old Kenyan fashion and lifestyle content creator who has built an online community for her brand. She runs Silky Pout KE, an online lip and body care store that is available in Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi.

Instagram: @salma_fuad

16. Nasra Adow Osman @nasraosmvn

Last but definitely not the least on this list is Nasra Osman, a Kenyan hijabi freelance model. A single look at her portfolio and you are able to tell that she is a natural in modelling. If you have been looking for a hijabi model to work with, this is where you down your tools.

Instagram: @nasraosmvn


Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a wellness- nichéd Content Curator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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