Budding influencers- 5 Kenyan women under 25 redefining the social media influencing industry

We are living in times when any information is just a tap away. To most, social media influencing has the likes of numbers of followers, number of likes and comments take the front seats. However, the access to any information backed by the freedom to create and post whatever one wants can have a lasting effect, both negative and positive on the side of both parties.
In a bid to be intentional with what you allow to pop up on your feed, it is important to sieve through the accounts you follow. Why do you follow them? What do they teach you? Do they inspire you to pick up a skill or two? Do you like their personality, or are they just posting heavily edited images on their happy-go-lucky way? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself while scrolling through social media.
Below are Kenyan women under 25 that strive to put meaning in their social media influence:

1. Anita Wairimu Muriu – @auntynimu

Source; @aunty_nimu

Anita is a 23 year old Kenyan health, wellness and fitness content creator that has slowly but surely created a niche for her brand. She is so dedicated to ensuring that her content is pure, the quality of her work is unmatched and that consistency is her middle name. From healthy recipes to skincare do’s and donts, Nimu shares it all and more on her sites.
I discovered her blog (www.auntynimu.com) during lockdown and after binge-reading on her site, it led me to her Instagram account where she lets her visual world come to play. In a recent interview with Tizi Talks, she stated that organization, consistency and authenticity is important in  her journey. Additionally, she mentioned that she only works with brands that are in line with what she already shares since marrying the two has to be effortless.
She is one of the people that have seen their following and brand deals grow immensely during 2020’s Covid-19 lockdown. Some of the brands that she has been able to work with include Sikera, Hekaya, Vaseline and u_uso_. Her name pops up  during brand meetings and I cannot wait to see all the good things that are in store for her.

2. Zanelle Wanja- @thandotravels

Source; @thandotravels

Zanelle, whose nickname and now brand name is Thando is a 23 year old Economist that threw caution to the wind and decided to follow her passion- travel, photography and film. She is self-taught in all things photography and film and I can tell you for sure her work is unprecedented. She has taken online courses to ensure that her next post leaves us in awe. Zanelle shares her work through her Youtube channel, her website, podcast and Instagram account, where she creates content that helps other African and international travelers learn about new travel destinations and experiences.
Some of the brands she has worked with are Sandstorm Kenya, Cozy Point Homes-Malindi, Forodhani House- Lamu, Kiira Cottage- Naivasha and Urban Tortoise. Her work has been featured in top Instagram travel accounts such as Black Passport Stamps and Black Travel Feed.

3. Temina Semo- @teminasemo

Source; @teminasemo

Temina Kavelwa Semo 21 is, hands down, the queen of aesthetics. She is what we call a walking pinterest board. Temina started off doing musical covers on Youtube but has since transitioned to a lifestyle and fashion content creator. She is a law student at Strathmore university and strives to live in a world where human rights are upheld and women are particularly allowed to bloom.
Temina has been able to work with big brands such as Centonomy, TCB Naturals and Covets shop just to mention a few.

4. Yasmin AF- @ya7ska

Source; @ya7ska

By taking a glance at her social media profile, you may be convinced that she has a whole team consisting of a photographer, videographer, editor, assistant and management behind her back. That is how good this 25-year old hijabi queen is at making it all look easy when in reality, she is a one woman army.
Having been brought up in a conservative setting that saw her hide her initial Youtube videos from her family members for the fear of being judged, the 25 year old tech graduate has since grown to be one of the life and style influencers sought by one brand after the other, both local and global.
She has been able to work with brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Suva Beauty, True Cosmetics, Revlon, Loreal Pro, Nivea, Segera Retreat, Cottar’s 1920 as well as Halal Safaris.

5. Hali Oduor- @halioduor

Source; @halioduor

Hali is a 22 year old Kenyan photographer, filmmaker, fashion entrepreneur and content creator in travel, fashion and lifestyle. She has created her own presets that she uses on her photos, creating an aesthetically-pleasing feed. Her feed will keep you glued for days, keeping you coming back for more.
She travels to different parts of Kenya, showcasing the hidden gems in this beautiful country. In 2020, she partnered with Hekaya (formerly Velvet Kenya) and dropped her fashion line that was inspired by different Kenyan destinations she had been to such as Samburu, Lamu and Malindi. Some of the brands that she has worked with include Skyward Express, Jambojet, Sands at Nomad, Sands at Chale, Kobe Suites, Segera Retreat, Cottar’s 1920, Your Host bnb, Uniabroad Kenya, Artcaffe and The Eyeroom Kenya.


Stay tuned for the male version of this post🤗.

Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a wellness- nichéd Content Curator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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