Baby Fat? Here are 5 Tips to avoid unwanted weight gain during pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy can heighten birth complications such as a need for a C-Section, premature birth and sometimes even gestational Diabetes. Yet, babies are the cutest creatures I can ever get to interact with. A woman has to breed them in her womb for 9 good months (sometimes less, sometimes more) for them to arrive on this planet. Watching one’s weight all through these nine months can be a daunting task, mainly because much goes on during that time. First off, every pregnancy is different as it is an individual journey. How one woman handles pregnancy is totally different from how the next woman handles the same, which remains to be totally okay. I have seen women get snatched after their firstborns and end up adding on tons of unwanted weight with baby number 2.

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Baby or not, we want to look and feel good about ourselves and true to word, body image plays a huge role in that. Unless your intention was to put on weight, baby fat is something that most women try to run away from. Also, there has been some body shaming going on concerning baby fat which really is sad. It is a natural life-threatening process hence why I totally don’t understand it when people direct negative energy to women who just gave birth.

I will go ahead and put it out there that I am not a mother, yet. Nonetheless, I did discuss this with a number of women who have been through pregnancy and they did shed light on this topic. Below are the 5 key tips to avoid unwanted weight gain when one is expectant:

1. Eat Healthy

Believe it or not, cravings do not understand this lingo. Still, one is advised to be mindful of what they consume since that plays a huge role here. Incorporating more proteins and fibers into your diet will help since they are filling, preventing you from reaching for that extra scoop. Fiber too prevents constipation which by the way, is a nightmare during pregnancy.

2. Do not Eat for Two

Many people, mothers or not, will keep throwing in advice on how you should eat for 2 people. If you take that advice literally, you will end up with unwanted mass once you are done with the journey. Be observant when it comes to the servings plus get to understand what your body needs. That eat for two misconception is of no good, especially in the long-term. To avoid feeling hungry, spread out your meals in small yet nutritious frequent servings during the course of the day.

3. Drink your Water

Pregnant or not, everyone has at some point in their lives been educated about water being life. It really is, literally. As an expectant lady, you will need to take in lots of fluids, where water is the easiest one to reach. This helps with your digestion, plus it is quite filling, preventing you from feeling hungry all the time.

4. Exercise

What? Yes, you read that right. Light exercise is very important when one is growing a baby. Take an evening stroll, climb up and down the stairs, do your squats and so on. These will not only keep you fit but help you as you come towards the finish line.

5. Indulge occasionally, it is allowed

You know what, telling a pregnant woman to completely cut off those things she craves is pointless. The only secret would be to reduce the portion of that ice cream when that pregnancy sweet tooth kicks in. Also, they can ‘trick’ themselves by sneaking in that nutritious option such as cornflakes, which is filling. Additionally, one can set aside specific times for indulgence. I have seen that do the job for some so hopefully it does the task in your space.

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