Are Soul Ties real? – The Belief in it and how to break them

What is a Soul tie?

A soul tie, in layman’s language, happens when the energy or aura of two people is unified. Since this energy is usually what influences a lot of activities in one’s body, this means that when connected, the souls of these two people are now linked. This happens in forms such as sex, even if it is the first time.

When your energies are unified, this can either be a positive or a negative thing; it all depends on the energies that both of you are carrying. This is because the two are linked both emotionally and spiritually.

Are Soul ties real?

I know that at this point, you really want to know if soul ties are real or some made up beliefs. Well, for all things spiritual, you need to have some sort of belief in order to make a sound judgment. My friend Rachel is quite informed when it comes to this topic and she did shed light in things that actually make sense.

We all have souls that exist irrespective of age or gender. As we go about life, we interact with different people and things and energy is exchanged in one form or another. Soul ties do have a lasting effect on people and that is why we are usually advised to protect our energies, especially if you are naturally a good person. Having sex with random people can one to get tied or connected with all these bad energies from these people. Remember, we are a product of our experiences.

Ways to Break Soul Ties

The following ways have been used to break soul ties:

  • A healer

Based on their spiritual as well as psychic gifts, healers are sometimes used to detect the soul ties. If one is gifted, they too, can detect. The common signs of soul ties include hearing their voice in your head, feeling like you need them no matter what and thinking of them too much. Healers do the cleansing and one is advised to keep their eyes closed during the session.

  • Have Control

If you want to break an evil soul tie, you first need to recognize the control that it has over you. Remember to always trust your sober mind with a lot of decisions. So, it is time that you stop giving power to the soul tie and take back the control over your decisions, emotions, spirituality, thoughts and life in general. Do not just randomly believe in things presented to you. Make your own decision and set boundaries for your soul.


PS; These are my two cents. Someone else may have an entirely different approach to the topic, which is totally okay.

Raisa Ichalut
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