7 Creative ways to use Vases at home

I am a lover of home décor and everything that is decorating spaces. Vases have endless ways that they can be used and repurposed in the world of home décor. In this article, I am going to share with you 7 creative ways that you can use vases to improve the look and feel of your home.

1. As a Flower vase

Source; @sunflower_home_essentials on Instagram

This is one of the main ways people know how to use vases. Instead of going the ordinary way of dumping fake plants in them and leaving it at that, you can go ahead and color coordinate your home by painting the vases a color that matches your theme. After putting the flowers in, fill in with decorative stones and fillers that can be found at House of Leather for about ksh. 250 ($2.5) per pack.

2. As a Centerpiece

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You can make the vase stand out and speak for itself by using it as a center piece in your living room. Feel free to fill it up with vibrant stuff such as oranges to bring out color and character in the room.

3. As a Corner Planter

There is nothing more beautiful in a home than a corner that has a green-leaved plant in a vase. The mood of the corner changes from ordinary and boring to lively and homely.

Source; @lalunaseven on Instagram

4. As a Candle-holder

Vases make beautiful and artsy candle-holders. The only trick here is to first put in stuff that will put the candle steady once placed. These could be pebbles or beads.

5. As a Pen-holder

If you always keep losing your pens, try using a tiny vase as a pen-holder. This will not only keep your pens from getting lost but also be as an art piece on your work desk.

6. As a Storage Container for Knick-knacks

Source; @noot_swart on Instagram

If you have tiny things that you keep losing, you can convert one vase into their storage bin. Such tiny things include needles, hair pins and clips, keys and coins. The vase can then sit pretty on your dressing table.

7. As a Utensil holder

Source; @xenshome on Instagram

You can put in pieces such as knives, cooking sticks and spoons in these vases. The vase not only organizes the kitchen space but also enhances the visual look of the space.
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