5 Wardrobe Staples for Every Girl’s closet in 2020

Every girl’s dream is to look good without having to put in too much effort. That is why fashion and style is at the forefront when it comes to how a girl looks. Pairing up fashion pieces can be a daunting task especially if you are just starting to figure out what your style is. In order for one to move up the ladder towards being a notable style icon, it is worth starting out with basic pieces you need in your closet.

What are Wardrobe staples?

These are fashion pieces that are basic in your collection. Think of these as your go-to pieces when you are trying to find something to wear that will make you look stylish at the same time.
Below are 5 essential wardrobe pieces that every girl should own in 2020:

1. Fitting T-Shirts

Source; @raisa_mmoja on Instagram

Please. Please. Please. These do not include your promotional T-shirts. I love to collect my plain T-shirts in 3 main colors; black, white and grey. I find these to be so easy to style since they can go with either shorts, trousers, skirts or even dresses. You can never have enough well-fitting tees.

2. Little Black Dress (LBD)

Source; @raisa_mmoja on Instagram

Since black is my favorite color, I have fallen guilty of collecting one too many pieces of little black dresses. I find them to be very versatile. You can easily rock these to an evening date, a night-out or even an easy day shopping spree. A little black dress is simple and sexy at the same time which makes it perfect as a staple.

3. Leggings

Source; @raisa_mmoja on Instagram

Does anyone else prefer leggings to trousers? I am guilty AF. I find leggings to be very cozy and easy to style. Also, I clearly choose comfort over anything else. Feel free to collect these in different colors. Just make sure that the quality of what you go for is great.

4. Denim Jackets

Source; @p0ppingplug on Instagram

Denim jacket season is here and I am totally here for it. I am glad that these days, you can find lots of different shades of denim and that allows you to splurge on as many shades as you can.

5. A sling belt

Source; @raisa_mmoja

Source; @raisa_mmoja on Instagram

Source; @raisa_mmoja

I had to include this because this little baddie can transform a basic look to an outwardly one. There are many times that I have worn my long pencil skirt as a bodycon dress just by using this belt to define my waistline. Also, if you have an oversized dress, put on the belt, top it up with a leather jacket and watch you turn heads. Issa look!


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Raisa Ichalut
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