4 Kick-Ass Black on Black Looks on Men in 2020

When paired right, black on black has always been a vibe. I understand that sometimes, the look may come off as monotonous and tousled mostly because most men wear the color as a safe shade. However, I know for sure that when styled right, black on black on men can turn heads. Below are 4 stylish black on black looks on men that I cannot seem to get enough of:

1. A Fitting pair of Jeans and a Fitting T-shirt/Long-sleeved shirt

Source: @mensfashblogs on Instagram

Source; @prince_kanki on Instagram

The secret here is fitting. Find yourself a nice fitting pair of black jeans. It does not really matter if it is distressed or not since you are going for a casual look and distressed jeans play the part too. Go ahead and pair it with a fitting shirt. Remember that any oversized outfit will spoil the outfit here. This outfit creates the ultimate casual look that has limitless occasions that one can rock it. This look can be paired with sport shoes or Chelsea boots when you want to add a tad of formality to the look.

2. A button Down Shirt paired with Fitting Trousers

Source; @mensfashblog on Instagram

This is for a more official approach. Find a button-down shirt that is preferably of cotton fabric then pair it with a pair of fitting trousers. Feel free to add a tie to complete the professional look. I must say though that for the tie, go for a brighter color such as white or yellow.

3. A Black Blazer on Black Trousers

Source; @blazer_wala on Instagram

I know that you can never have enough blazers on your closet. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain shades of it go well with specific colors. A black blazer is both a staple and a masterpiece in your closet since when paired with a black trouser, it takes the look a notch higher. Just make sure the blazer is comfortable and fits just right.

4. All Black Suited up

Source; @myblkcoffee on Instagram

Source: @mensfashblogs on Instagram

You know that this is the cherry to the cake because this list could be deceitful if this look was not included in it. Just make sure that the suit is fitting. Feel free to create a contrast by pairing it with white shoes.

Raisa Ichalut
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