30 Girly Things to do during quarantine, lockdown and self- isolation time that will benefit you in years to come

Let’s decide to agree on one thing here; this ongoing Corona Virus pandemic has kicked us all in the *ss. We have had to make crazy changes in our lives; most of which are nothing close to girly. As a girly person myself, I will be honest with you all; I have been struggling for the past few weeks. However, as days went by, I slowly discovered a few things that help me get back to my girly self despite being stuck at home. Below are 30 unique girly things to do during this self- isolation period;

1. Learn how to do your own hair

Source; @protective_hair_styles on Instagram

With most, if not all salons currently closed, most girls have no choice but to learn how to do their own hair. I mean, you cannot just stay at home being a slob. I recently learnt how to do chunky twists and boy, oh boy; these hairstylists have nothing on me. You can also use this time to go natural and take care of your curls. Try out different products be it shampoos, hair conditioners, creams, serums or natural oils. This may help you discover what actually works for your hair and hair type.

2. Declutter your closet (and your life too sis)

Source; @amelie.xoxo on Instagram

I have mentioned time and again of how therapeutic decluttering is. I came to learn about this after my best friend put me on this amazing book by Karen Kingston known as ‘Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui.’ I won’t speak much about it; I mean, just go read the damn book. Thank me later.

3. Read a new book

Source; @torsbookshelf on Instagram

Now that we are talking about amazing reads, why not get yourself a new read? I am sure there a good number of book stores that do delivery. However, if you cannot access a physical book, you can go ahead and read eBooks, though this is not really for me. I will write a separate article on why I do not read eBooks anymore. A few of my all-time favorite reads include Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns by John Green.

4. Listen to a podcast

Source; @bencyco on Instagram

I have heard people say how podcasts are the best ways to cope in this noisy world. I will be frank with you; I am not a podcast person since my thought- process is usually all over the place. However, if this is your thing, then get yourself new podcasts to listen to. Some of the highly hyped ones include Oprah’s Supersoul conversations by Oprah Winfrey and 13 minutes to the moon sn2. Ben Cyco recently launched his podcast known as ‘The Cyco Podcast.’

5. Come up with a skincare routine

Source; @ajanihandmade on Instagram, ksh.1,150

We always claim that skincare routines take so much time. The universe has now conspired to enable you delve to that skincare routine now that you have nothing but time. Again, it does not have be some lengthy 10- step routine. Just make sure you actually enjoy it. Use this time to try out new face masks, facial scrubs as well as serums.

6. Paint your nails

Source; @musesuniform on Instagram

You see that stash of nail polish gathering dust at the lower rack of your drawer? This is the time you need to revisit that area and actually experiment with the nail polish you dumped there. They are waiting for you. Yes, you!

7. Light a candle

Source; @bunny_candles_ke on Instagram, from ksh.180

We all love a room that smells good and lifts one spirits. Light yourself a candle and watch your mood uplifted. My favorite scent is actually lemon (surprised? I know).

8. Shave your legs (and your underarms too)

Source; @liveabout on Pinterest

Give yourself a fresh wax because you need it. We should take care of ourselves whether or not we actually have human interaction or not. I mean, self-care starts with you all day.

9. Learn how to bake


Coffee cake banana muffins from @beatbakeeat on Pinterest

If you do not know how to bake, this is the best time to do so. I have seen Sharon K. Mwangi make and post some of the yummiest cakes in the world at this time. Find a cookbook and try baking a few cakes. If the first one comes out burnt, laugh it off and try making another one. You at least got to make yourself laugh. Ha!

10. Complete a puzzle

Source; Etsy

This is actually a very nice idea mostly because it is very engaging for the mind. Try solving a graphic puzzle, or a crossword puzzle. Heck, even a Rubik’s cube. I mean, anything, everything!

11. Learn a Foreign Language

Source; @howtolearnspanish on Pinterest

I have seen many content creators joke about how they will get out of this pandemic knowing how to speak fluent Spanish, thanks to the incredible number of Telemundo series they have been watching. This could be you too, only if you actually take time and sign up for a free online course in a new language of your choice.

12. Plan outfits

Source; _itsheycharry on Instagram

I mean, we might all just come out of this pandemic as badass stylists. All you need is your full- length mirror and everything on your closet. Mix and math several pieces ranging from clothes to shoes to earrings and necklaces. You might just discover a look that works for you when all this is over.

13. Pick fresh flowers for yourself

Source; @findingpaola on Instagram

If you are blessed enough to currently live in an area where you can step out to a garden full of flowers, then take advantage of it and go pick some fresh flowers for yourself.

14. Take instagram- worthy selfies

Source; @findingpaola on Instagram

This is the moment to learn how that selfie- timer on your phone actually works. Experiment with it and in the long run, you will know your angles, meaning your selfies are about to be lit as hell.

15. Dress up to go nowhere

Source; @rahelbrhane on Instagram

Gone are days when people would actually dress up to step out. Yet again, staying in your pyjamas all day does something to your mind; it actually makes you slower. This is why people who work from have clothes they wear when they are working. If you are working from home during this time, I would advice you dress up before you sit on that desk (or bed).

16. Learn how to beat that face

Source; @joannakinuthia on Instagram

Make- up application is actually a skill that gets better with time. Take advantage of this time and learn how to precisely apply make- up that accentuates your natural features. If you have trouble doing your eyebrows, there are a ton of videos on You Tube dedicated to eyebrow perfection only. I mean, you may actually discover a new beauty hack that the beauty industry is aching to know.

17. Meditate

Source; @nerissanefeteri on Instagram

This is the best time to burn sage, do yoga and meditate. You owe that to yourself.

18. Order Feminine Health Products for yourself

Source; @nenefemhealth on Instagram

I have always preached and sang feminine health to any lady I come across. We owe upon ourselves to take care of our lady parts. This is the time to order yoni pearls, yoni natural oils or even sea moss for yourself. My best line for this is NeneFemhealth which specializes on natural toxic- free products for ladies.

19. Write a letter to your younger self

Source; @mindbodygreen on Pinterest

This is the best way to reflect on your path, your goals, your successes and your failures. It is a good way to notice the difference between where you are now and where you were then. This will then help you plan and put some direction in your life.

20. Catch up on all your favorite shows

Source; @wallpapers on Pinterest

I mean, what else are we supposed to do with all the time we have? Most people have taken advantage of this time to watch series such as Money Heist sn4 and movies such as Miracle in Cell No. 7.

21. Your favorite You Tubers are calling out your name

If you are like me, you are definitely smiling your way to your youtube account. A good number ofmy favorite You Tubers have been madly consistent. This Is Ess, Joanna Kinuthia, Wanjiru Njiru, Mihlalii Ndamase, Annabelle Hayes………..THANKS LOVES!

22. Start your own blog (just like I did!)

Anyone who knows me knows that I live and breathe writing. This has always been a deep- routed obsession for me. I best express myself through writing. Coming up with this website has just helped me discover the love I had put aside (for other things I really don’t like). Getting back to this has made me fall deeply in love with myself and my capabilities. Hint; Subscribe to my blog for exceptional wellness content.

23. Go live on social media

This is a good way to connect with your followers. Talk about everything and nothing. Give your followers a chance to see and experience your less- sculptured side(just make sure you are not drunk).

24. Take lots and lots of water

Source; @hydromateusa on Instagram

Forget what most beauty gurus tell us. We all know the secret to clear skin is taking lots of water, eating your veggies and minding your business. You want to glow? The glow is in the water that you have been avoiding to drink.

25. Learn a new skill

I actually learnt how to sew by watching YouTube tutorials. If I did it, you too can do it. Just make sure it is a skill you love. Feel free to learn painting, drawing, knitting or even beating shea butter. This could help you kick start your next business.

26. Create your own playlist

Source; @bykemyst on Instagram

This is the time to discover all the bomb music and artists you have been meaning to explore. Look into albums and singles. At the end of the day, you will be having a unique playlist that best suits your needs, tastes and preferences.

27. Get into home workouts

Source; @bellsebobofitness, @bellsebobo on Instagram

How many times have you actually wanted to start hitting the gym but kept on postponing for vague reasons? As I am typing this, I am literally screaming, ‘I am guilty as hell.’ This was, or rather is, my fitness year. I had put down a number of goals I had for my mind, body and soul. However, I am not using this pandemic as an excuse. I do work- out at home five times a week for about 20 minutes a day and I must admit that I am already seeing results. My main areas are lower body and core. My small sister is into stretching, so we kind of bond while working out. In addition, I watch Annabelle Hayes’ tutorials on You Tube and they actually do help me know what exactly I am doing. I cannot wait to get my hands on some non- slip resistance bands.

28. Take yourself on a date, in your bathroom

Source; @alythuh on Instagram

Yes, I said it! You see those flowers you picked? Pluck some petals and drop them on some foaming water in your bath tub. Pour yourself some glass of wine, order in your favorite delicacy, light some candles in your bathroom. Top it up with some relaxing music. Drop off those clothes and have some me- time in your bathroom. Take as much time as you want because what else is there to do?

29. Clean and decorate your room

Source; @inspirationbyblanca

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness, take this time to ensure that you live in a clean and organized environment. I feel like this not only boosts your mood but also shushes up your productivity.

30. Text all your exes (Ha!)

Source; @moxiandsass on Instagram

I got you! This is a prank to all of you who got this far. Do not. I repeat; DO NOT TEXT YOUR EX (ES)! It is a trap. As Edgar Obare says, ‘it will end in premium tears’.

I would love to appreciate you for getting this far. That, in itself, shows how much you love my content already, don’t you? With that said, I have a lined up plan of two articles a day for you. Subscribe to this blog to get updates on what you ought to know.

                                     *Love & Light*

Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a futuristic, wellness- nichéd Content Creator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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