10 Makeup Hacks that no girl should sleep on in 2020

  1. I have grown to be an avid lover of makeup as time goes by. I remember a few years ago, a lady’s makeup or lack of used to spice up a huge debate wherever I went. It was like people never fully came to terms with why a pretty lady would burden herself by wearing makeup. I am not saying that this sort of debate has completely died down but, the naysayers probably got something else to talk about after realizing that makeup is here to stay.

If you have been wearing makeup for a while now, then you know stuff like lipstick on your teeth, a wrong shade of foundation or too much highlight is expected. Don’t worry, I am here for you. Below are 10 makeup hacks that every girl should know in 2020:

1. Your Skin comes First Sis

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It does not matter on whether or not you have problematic skin or not. Heck, it does not even have to do with why you are wearing makeup in the first place. The trick is, if you do wear makeup, your skin should always come first. Make sure you moisturize it before makeup and that you wear your sunscreen daily, even if you are wearing makeup to stay indoors and shoot a YouTube video. Oh, and make sure you DO NOT go to bed with makeup on. That, is a crime.

2. Oily Nose Fix

Source; @wabosha_maxine on Instagram

If you are that lady that has oily skin that makes you to have an oily nose, you can fix this by using an eye shadow primer on your nose. Go ahead and set it using a setting spray before wearing your foundation. This hack will help mattify your nose area, doing away with that stubborn oily patch.

3. Make your Lipstick last longer

Source; @sharonkmwangi on Instagram

Having to make a bathroom dash to reapply your lipstick every now and then can be a daunting task. To make your lipstick last longer, apply a layer of lipstick, let it dry, dab a thin piece of tissue paper or serviette, pat some powder on top then repeat. The tissue paper gets rid of the excess lipstick, leaving you with quality wear for the day or event.

4. Use Concealer to make your lipstick pop and for Correction

Source; @findingpaola on Instagram

If you are trying to bring out the color in your lipstick, apply a layer of concealer before you apply lipstick on. This brings out the color and shade of the lipstick you want to wear. The same applies to when you have to correct an area after you have smudged your lipstick or eyeliner. Go ahead and try it out.

5. Use Concealer to make your eye shadow pop

Source; @ambo_beauty on Instagram

It does not matter whether you are wearing a nude eyeshadow or one that screams color. To make your eye shadow sit in position and stand out, apply concealer on your eyelids before you get to apply your eye shadow. If you want to cut the crease, do it using concealer before applying your shadows. You will notice the difference; trust me.

6. Build it Up Seamlessly

Source; @helenatalaso on Instagram

The main hack to a neat and natural makeup look is to get your makeup on one product at a time. There is no rush to it, otherwise you may end up looking like a clown. That is why some women take up to 2 hours to do their face. Whether you take 10 minutes or 2 hours, do it one product at a time for a lovely outcome.

7. Blend Upwards

Source; @stephaniecherono on Instagram

Once you have dotted your entire face with foundation, blend upwards. This will prevent any form of cakey-ness and creases on your nose region and smile lines.

8. Line Your Lips

Source; @joannakinuthia on Instagram

If you want to bring out the nice shape of your lips, line them before applying your lipstick. The same applies to when you want to apply a gloss on. If you do not have an actual lip-liner, Davis pencils that cost ksh.30 come in handy.

9. Set it Up

The major trick to have your makeup staying intact all day long is to have a primer before makeup and a setting spray to mesh it up once you are done. You will go hugging people without transferring your makeup to other people’s outfits. Make sure you invest in good quality products.

10. Use a Darker Foundation as A Contour

Source; @stephanienganga on Instagram

If you do not have a contour in your makeup kit, don’t sweat it. Your darker foundation will work just fine.

Raisa Ichalut
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