10 Hacks, Tips and Ideas on how you can maximize space in your small apartment in 2020

A house’s interior speaks volumes about you as a person. It also doubles up as your mood and energy dictator. When your apartment’s space is used up to its full potential, you get to live large in your own little way. Below are tips, hacks and ideas that you need so as to maximize space in your small apartment;

1. Paint all your walls White

Source; @classyinteriors on Instagram

Before you think of the contents of your little space, first of all, have a look around your house. It probably is a dull color such as orange, brown or even blue. Now, this is not supposed to mean that these colors are bad. However, they are not the best bargain when it comes to small spaces. White has a way of brightening up the entire space, giving you a clean base to pack all your belongings and knick- knacks.

2. Get Collapsible Furniture

Source; @Ambfurniture on Pinterest

Instead of having a bed that only serves as a bed and a seat that just does one task, why not invest in a collapsible seat that can double up as a bed and as a console? This way, you will not fill up your space with unnecessary furniture.

3. Put up a Floating Shelf

Source; @IKEA on pinterest

Instead of having a physical shelf by your bedside or TV stand, invest in a floating shelf. Neatly display there all your books as well as items you do not need often. This will not only save up space but also end up decorating your small space.

4. Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors

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Mirrors have a way of making a small space look big. The reflective nature in them gives you the illusion that the space extends to a somewhat larger area. Buy full- length mirrors as well as tiny round clock- size mirrors. I prefer them framed white, silver or gold.

5. Get a Bed that has Storage Drawers at the Under bed

Source; @spaceoptimized on pinterest

We tend to often make little to no use out of our under beds. Instead of pushing any clutter you have under the bed, why not get a bed that actually has storage drawers designed on its underside? Go ahead and neatly arrange your storage items there, clearly assigning each storage drawer and box to specific items. The end result is less clutter as well as out of sight storage.

6. Have a Bedside table that doubles up as a Work station

Source; Home Decor Shopper on pinterest

Since you do not have much space to have a separate work station, why not kill two birds using one stone? Get a nice desk that will serve as a bedside table as well as a desk when you want to work. Neatly arrange there your computer. On the side that is nearest to your bed, place there your lampstand and your candle that you burn at night.

7. Corner Shelves

Source; Decorgram.top on pinterest

We tend to make little to no use out of our corners. As a matter of fact, we use them to store our dirty brooms as well as mops. Instead of wasting this space, clean it then get some boards and put up some corner shelves. Go ahead and decorate this space using potted plants and flowers. Greenery really do come in handy here.

8. Above the door Bathroom shelf

Source; @Improvenet on pinterest

If your apartment is small, it is given that your bathroom is even smaller. This means you barely have space to have a little pantry area in your bathroom. However, there is usually some space above the bathroom door. Measure it, design a shelf and use this space to store your cleaning detergents and other groceries that are used in this area.

9. Purge

Source; Meraki Lane on pinterest

If you have things you do not need, put them together and either sell them or donate them. If you do not do this, they will continue eating up space in your already tiny space. You will also feel lighter since the space you live in will be decluttered, giving you space to be even more creative and fancy with it.

10. Storage Ottomans that doubles up as Coffee Tables

Source; @homary on pinterest

Storage ottomans are not only cute but they also get the work done by being cute. When you have neatly put in your stuff, you can go ahead and use them as coffee tables. Some even act as seats. This literally saves up space and makes your apartment look 10 times better.

Raisa Ichalut
Raisa Ichalut is a futuristic, wellness- nichéd Content Creator who seeks to use this website as a tool that informs, empowers, and enlightens people on topics around self- discovery, development, and love, general wellness, positivism, energy, healing, and mindfulness.

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